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  Interstellarum - February/March 2006.  German amateur astronomy magazine.   Review of NightCal version 0.6.2.


Here is an English translation of this article:

"It is often desirable to get a clear overview of the current situation in the sky.  It is necessary to familiarise oneself again after a long period of adverse weather.  For instance, when does the sun set, what is the current phase of the moon, which planets can be seen?   Now here is a small but fine utility program that fulfils exactly this purpose, and in addition presents the result in a nice printable form ideal for the desktop, notice board or for use in the observatory.   NightCal presents this for each day, with the current phase of the moon, astronomical twilight, sunrise and sunset, Moon rise and Moon set, the visibility of the inferior planets, details of planetary conjunctions and Moon libration.   All you have to do is to input your observation coordinates and time zone, and the software is ready.  You only have to self-install the software and it is ready to run.  Should you want to delete it, all you have to do is to delete the software's folder.   The current version is 0.6.2, older versions can be found on the net, but this has a bug."   (My eternal gratitude to Patrick Chanfreau for the translation).


Please note that the 'bug' referred to in this review only related to version 0.6 and 0.6.1 and was only apparent for users whose language settings used a comma as a decimal separator.  This bug was fixed in version 0.6.2.


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Last updated - 6th February 2006

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