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   Version 0.7.2c beta-release with updated Help file now available.


  Version History


  • October 2004 - version 0.3. (Pre-release version)  Called under original working name of LunarPlan.  First real working version with calculation of Sun rise and set, Moon rise and set, Moon phase and Moon age.  Also position and conjunctions of inferior planets implemented.

  • November 2004 - version 0.5. (Pre-release version)  Named changed to NightCal.  Colour scheme changed and rearrangement of some elements within each day.  Implementation of point of libration and angle of libration.  Some reworking of mathematical modelling.  Printing redesigned to give high quality output.

  • January 2005 - version 0.6. (Pre-release version)  File saving in four different formats and at two possible resolutions implemented.  Currently working on some user options.  More testing is still needed on the conjunction calculations.

  • 5th October 2005 - version 0.6. (Initial beta release version)  It was planned to not release NightCal until all the main features and options had been implemented and thoroughly tested.  Bob has been very busy over the last 9 months and has been unable to undertake any more development work on the program.  It has thus been decided to release this early version (0.6), completed in January 2005, as an initial beta release.  Documentation completed. 

  • 13th October 2005 - version 0.6.1. (beta release)  New graphics file called (Key.gif) now included in download to give facility to users who put calendars on their websites to also post a key to symbols used in the calendar on their website.  Help files updated to reflect this change.  

  • 22nd October 2005 - version 0.6.2. (beta release)  Bug fix for users in some non-English speaking countries who were getting Fatal Error message on start up.

  • 6th January 2006 - version 0.7.2. (beta release)  Major upgrade including: installation program, implementation of user options, change to the way Moon age is calculated, a red light viewing compatible printing option, easier access to help files, southern hemisphere compatible Moon graphic, time zones in half hour increments, cosmetic changes and numerous other small tweaks, enhancements and minor bug fixes.  The minimum system requirement has now been uprated to Windows '98. 

  • 5th February 2006 - version 0.7.2a. (beta release)  Acrobat help file (Help.pdf) now includes interactive chapter bookmarks and internal and external hyperlinks. 

  • 15th May 2006 - version 0.7.2b. (beta release)  Acrobat help file (Help.pdf) now includes details about how to overcome a common display bug found in NightCal.  

  • 4th November 2006 - version 0.7.2c. (beta release)  Acrobat help file (Help.pdf) now includes details changes to North American Daylight Saving Time due to start in March 2007.  To download version  0.7.2c   Click here.

Further versions containing improvements, new features, bug fixes and tweaks may be released on an irregular basis.


Last updated - 4th November 2006

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